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Watch Omnio strollers in action!

Watch Omnio strollers in action!

Once you have a toddler, your social life changes drastically. Simply meeting a friend for coffee can be a logistical challenge – with extra factors to take into account such as trying to coordinate with toddler naptimes, and how many pushchairs will fit into your local café?
The Omnio Stroller is so compact when folded, that we think that the answer to that may well be, “Dozens”. Can’t promise that all the naptimes will coincide though!
Two of our Mummy friends, with their little girls and their Omnio Strollers, recently met up at Ebbw Vale café Kahve (check it out on Trip Advisor). Here is how the Omnio Strollers slotted into their lifestyle….

Oh, and as we all loved #BusterTheBoxer – we’d like you to meet #CocoTheSchnauzer

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