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Three tips for creating the ideal baby nursery by Kirstin Hancock

Three tips for creating the ideal baby nursery

Your baby is precious. So when you’re pregnant you spend time and money on the essentials you need to make sure their life in the outside world is comfortable and safe. That’s natural parenting instincts, and they kick in the moment you discover you’re expecting. So its little wonder that there’s really no shortage of the ‘must have’ items on your list, and its even less surprising to discover that many first time parents feel overwhelmed and confused when it comes to creating the ideal nursery. Is it enough to kit out the room in the latest designs and best selling colour schemes? Read on for our top three tips for creating the ideal nursery.

Pacif-i.io tips for creating the ideal nursery…

Be Practical

Start work on your nursery as soon as you can, because once baby is here you’ll have little time (or motivation) to do it. So yes, go ahead and choose your colour schemes, but also bear in mind the fact that you need to use the room too. Its all very well making the room look pretty, but if its not functional it’s not going to last long. So get a checklist going and make sure you include:

  • Spaces to change baby – a changing station, or a changing mat that fits on top of the cot, for example. Make sure you have a good supply of nappies, wipes and spare clothes here too.
  • A play area – it won’t be long before your baby want to start exploring, so make a dedicated space for play that can be adapted as your baby grows.
  • A nursing area – a nice comfy chair with a basket full of essentials for you to use during feeds.
  • Space for clothes – if you can, a wardrobe and dresser is ideal for all those tiny little outfits.

Be Safe

Your baby relies on you 100% to maintain safety throughout the house, and never more so than in the nursery. So its important to keep safety in mind at all times, and this includes every day maintenance of the room too.

  • Babies are unable to regulate their own body temperature, so make sure you invest in a nursery thermometer that can help you to monitor the temperature of the room. Devices such as the Tempo Disc are wonderful additions for the nursery because they eliminate the stress and uncertainty for you. Using Bluetooth technology, the Tempo Environment Monitor logs data for the temperature, humidity and barometric pressure of the room, allowing you to rest easy, knowing that your baby is sleeping safely.
  • When it comes to choosing paint, go for eco friendly paints with zero toxic ingredients (that will be safer for you too) and add guards to areas that your baby could chew. Make sure there are plenty of soft surfaces to protect little knees once baby starts crawling, and cushion any sharp edges on furniture too.
  • Make sure your cot is nowhere near the window, heaters, or cord blinds, and position other furniture well away from the sleeping area too. Its not long before your baby becomes a toddler and learns to climb after all!

Be Prepared

When your baby arrives, life can turn itself upside down for a while. It’s an emotional rollercoaster and a journey that very few parents are truly ready for. But there are ways that you can be prepared for most possibilities, and there are products that many parents recommend to each other time and time again too. So be prepared, and make sure your nursery is kitted out with the following sanity saving items:

  • A light dimmer/ night light. Essential for night time feeds and changing, and also great for creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere before bedtime.
  • A Pacif-i smart thermometer pacifier for monitoring baby’s temperature and medication, using Bluetooth technology. You can also use your smart phone to locate the Pacif-i too- meaning its always to hand when you need it. Find out more here.
  • A white noise machine – great for helping little ones drift off to sleep when you need them to.
  • A baby monitor with video – so that you can keep an eye on your precious bundle wherever you are.
  • Cool air humidifier – great for sniffly babies.
  • An agile, versatile and practical stroller like Omnio for exploring the world is a must too!

What are your nursery essentials?

Guest Blog written by – Kirstin Hancock

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