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If you’re reading this article then you are one of the lucky ones, because I’m going to tell you a secret.

The first container of wearable Omnio Strollers is currently en route to UK stores. Our product designer, Samantha, has personally checked the quality of every single one – look for her signature on the box!

That’s not the secret.

From April, you will be able to walk into an Independent Nursery Retailer (for example, Countryside Kids, Uber Kids or Dickinsons Pram & Nursery Store) and come out pushing, or wearing, the best new lightweight pushchair on the market. Or, you’ll be able to click “Buy Now” on the Hippychick website. Hippychick stock a variety of innovative, British, products – but we are their first stroller. They were waiting for the right one.

None of that information is secret.

Ideal for daily commutes and perfect for travel, the Omnio Stroller has been described as “Game Changing” and “the Brompton of baby strollers”. It’s available in three gorgeous colours, and is such a unique design that it has won Innovation Awards all the way through the design process. It can be worn like a rucksack when you want to have both hands free for parenting. It’s going to revolutionize the quality of wheels you will expect on your buggy. It appeals to “gadget geeks” and grandparents alike.

Again, no secrets there.

What is secret, or at least only known to those of us in the Omnio Family, is that there is a massive demand internationally, and therefore only 10% of the Omnio Strollers that have been ordered for April will be available in the UK. So, if you don’t want to have to wait until later in the year to buy your pushchair, and want to guarantee delivery of your Omnio, you really should reserve yours – now!

You can do that via our website, by clicking this link.

Once you’ve done that, you won’t mind sharing the secret. But we are expecting to sell out, so put yourself at the front of the queue!

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