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Omni-wheels explained: An omni-wheel is best described as a ‘wheel of wheels’. Instead of a traditional tyre around the outer edge of the wheel, it has a series of curved rollers. This means the omni-wheel can rotate like a standard wheel and it can also roll sideways, on the roller in contact with the ground, without having to swivel and is well suited to handle multiple terrains.Omnio is the first stroller to market using omni-wheels to provide a superior steering experience compared to the castor wheels traditionally used on strollers.
It travels in a straight line beautifully and yet responds to a light touch for easy steering, even when pushing the Omnio Stroller one-handed. The wheels are manufactured in the highest quality polymers to ensure their strength, durability and performance. Our omni-wheels have undergone rigorous testing and on a variety of terrains and we are confident that they are going to revolutionise   strollers and make Omnio the perfect travel companion, wherever you go.
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