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New Year Resolutions – how very 2016

New Year Resolutions – how very 2016

As we turned our back on 2016 we thought it would be a good time to write about the Resolutions made by members of the extended Omnio Family. We know that the NHS One You campaign is hoping that many people will make health and fitness improvements. After all the political and financial uncertainty of 2016, surely there would be money-saving promises and vows to help Change The World? Some of the common Resolutions we were expecting included:

  • Renew gym membership
  • Lose weight (again)
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Save more money
  • Go back to college

But it turns out that no-one is making New Year Resolutions anymore! Responses to Mama Omnio were nearly all adamant that they would not be making promises to themselves that they knew they wouldn’t stick to.

  • “We all have a limited amount of will-power to use towards meeting our goals. Mine is already allocated”
  • “I am going to try and eat and drink a little less, because I’ve over-indulged over Christmas, but really, 2017 is mainly about trying to be kind to myself. I don’t want to add any more stress.”
  • “My resolution is not to make resolutions!”
  • “I tend not to make resolutions these days, as life seems to throw you the unexpected. I just try to expect the unexpected and accept the challenge!”

If you are going to be a trend-setter and make Resolutions for 2017, how realistic is it that you will stick to them this year?

Here are three pieces of advice if you seriously want to make changes in your life.

  • Write it down. In your diary definitely, but tell other people too. On the fridge, so your family can support you, or if you’re really brave, on your Social Media profiles. Then if you fail, everyone’s going to know! Well – that will either be very motivating, or potentially humiliating…
  • Stick to just one Resolution. Prioritize what is important in your life right now, and make sure that you decide upon something that is going to improve your life, make you happier, or solve an identified problem.
  • Make your Resolution SMART. You’ve all learnt about having Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based objectives at work, so transfer those skills to your Resolution making.

Mama Omnio has made a New Year Resolution for 2017. She’s written it down and is telling everyone…..and so far that has proved very motivating! It’s just the one, and it’s very specific. By July, she wants to have learnt enough German to be able to hold a conversation with her friend, who is travelling from Germany to visit. It’s Day 10, and spending just 10 minutes a day on Duolingo rather than scrolling through Twitter has not been too difficult. In fact, so far, it’s been fun!

And surely 2017 must be more about having fun, appreciating what you have, and enjoying being with family and friends?

Happy New Year to you all – Resolutions or not.

Happy New Years

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