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The Omnio Stroller was formally known as the Omnio Rider. We believe in the Omnio Stroller, naturally, and here are just some of the comments we have received from others whom have seen Omnio. To view some videos of the Omnio Stroller in action, please click below.

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“Omnio is the best thing I’ve seen here today!”

John, Telford (at the Gadget Show Live 2016)

“British Airways were happy to let me bring it on the plane as cabin baggage, which was a real relief.”

Rupert, Cheltenham

“As grandparents the Omnio is ideal for us when our grandchildren come to stay – it takes up less room in our house and car than our old pushchair.”

Tricia, Shropshire

“My first impressions were not something I had expected. It looked completely different to any of my other strollers. It looked compact and (in all honesty) a bit weird. The first feature that struck me was how it folded down into next-to-nothingness, and turned into a backpack. Wow. Instantly I was mesmerised by it. The whole thing just folded in on itself with one swift movement, and was slung onto the lovely demo lady’s back. Game Changer” Read the whole article here

Hazel Newhouse


This ‘go anywhere’ Omnio Stroller, £389, features a lightweight, robust frame which folds so small it may be worn on the user’s back. It can carry up to 22kg and features multi-terrain, puncture-proof wheels, promising to make rough, uneven surfaces a doddle.

Birmingham Mail

We loved this versatile buggy when we saw it in the prototype stage last year and now the lightweight stroller is about to hit the shops in the next few weeks. Able to fit in an overhead locker in a plane (like the Babyzen Yoyo), the Omnio Stroller goes one step further as it can also be worn as a rucksack, for extra portability. But what’s really unique about this pushchair are its wheels. Already scooping British Invention of the Year award, the Omni-wheels are a series of small wheels set in one larger wheel.

Made for Mums

It’s a fascinating new twist on the stroller front wheel and guess what? It folds down into a back pack, check it out here…

Pushchair Expert, Harrogate International Nursery Fair

I struggled to find a single pushchair that was sturdy enough for everyday but compact and light. (I never dreamt of one that I could take on as hand luggage!). I love Omnio’s new stroller and cannot wait to see it at the Gadget Show. The only disappointing feature is the fact my children are now too old …. but I have a cousin due this summer!

Lynne, Formby

The great manouverability is down to the really cool front wheels, or ‘Onmio wheels’, which are made up of rollers which allow the wheel to not only move backwards and forwards in the normal way, but to also swivel left and right with ease. To be honest, I was a little sceptical when I heard about the Omnio Stroller but we were genuinely impressed. We would certainly consider one for our family when we get to the toddler stage again. Check out the full blog article from Dais Like These here


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