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Key Design Features

  1. Adjustable handle foam grip, red unfold button and adjustable vertical height range 81 – 103 cm
  2. All-weather hood waterproof + UV protection, (UPF50+) with flexible sun visor, viewing panel, reflective binding
  3. Padded shoulder straps unique dual-purpose harness offers exceptional comfort for children and a fully adjustable backpack style harness for parents to carry Omnio folded, leaving both hands free to attend to child
  4. Adjustable Chest Strap offers additional safety for toddler (6th point on harness), and improved comfort in backpack mode
  5. Seat suitable from 6 months up to 22 kg, with 2 crotch strap positions, multi-positional recline, fully washable (30oC)
  6. Safety harness 6 point harness, fully adjustable, popper straps (6*) provide four shoulder strap anchor positions
  7. Footrest substantial support, flip up design, folds away for storage, enables toddler to climb aboard Omnio
  8. Omni-wheels omni-directional wheels, front suspension, agile steering, eliminate castor ‘flutter’, quick release for easy cleaning
  9. Mudguards fitted for all four wheels, fully removable for cleaning
  10. Puncture-proof Tyres detachable for easy cleaning, 6” diameter, extra-wide for superior multi-terrain performance
  11. Brake Pedal single central red pedal, push to apply, lift to release
  12. Safety lock dual lock safety system
  13. Seat Pockets main pocket has zipped compartment, keyring clip and large external mesh pocket for storing hood, 2kg max. load
  14. Multi-function moulding with locking clamp for telescopic handle, seat tensioning and hood attachment point.
    Note: Also included but not shown – Detachable shopping net (3kg max. load) + Rain cover + Travel bag.

Omnio Stroller Features

Omni-wheels Explained An omni-wheel is best described as a ‘wheel of wheels’. Instead of a traditional solid tyre around the outer edge of the wheel, it has a series of curved rollers. This means the omni-wheel can rotate like a standard wheel and it can also roll sideways on the roller in contact with the ground, without having to swivel and is suited to multi-terrains. Manufactured in the highest quality polymers for maximum strength, durability and performance.

Agile Greater agility and manoeuvrability is provided by ultra-responsive omni-wheels, offering controlled, multi-directional steering, ensuring the Omnio Stroller is equally at home in parks and on city pavements. Compact The sleek yet robust aluminium frame folds down to compact proportions in a matter of seconds making the Omnio Stroller ideal for compact living, taking up minimal storage space in the home and car, or on your back.

Versatile The unique wearable Omnio design is set to transform the way parents contend with typical everyday scenarios; from staircases and shop aisles, to public transport and flights and enables ‘hands-free’, on-the-go parenting, ideal for everyday use and holidays.

Wearable An adjustable, six-point child harness doubles-up to act as a full backpack harness when carrying Omnio on your back, and the generous seat padding offers comfort to both child and parent. Great all-round comfort for exploring a city, on a family walk or a bike ride.

Practical A waterproof travel bag ensures clothing and home / car interior areas are kept clean and clear of dirt and debris. Seat is fully removable and washable at 30 degrees celcius, easy to take off, wash, drip-dry and replace – no tools required. Adapts to the growing demands of a busy family, enabling parents to ‘push on’ with an active lifestyle.

Technical sheet available to download here.

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