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To take to not to take?

That is the question faced by parents of toddlers the world over as they contemplate whether to take the stroller out with them or risk leaving it at home or in the car. Parents want to encourage their toddlers to be active and explore, but know that at some stage, their toddler will tire and say, “carry me!”

On a family day out to Cardiff on 7th May 2012, Markus and Samantha decided not to take their stroller because it would be hard to negotiate their way round the Castle. After a full day exploring, their youngest son tired, fell asleep and they had to carry him back to the car parked the other side of town.

They later searched for a stroller that was so lightweight, compact and portable that they would be happy to take out with them everywhere, every time.

Unable to find a model that fully met their needs, they took the decision to innovate, design and make a new stroller to solve the problem they shared with parents all over the world. In May 2013, they formed Innovation Makers Ltd to bring to market the first in their range of innovative products – Omnio Stroller.

Inspired by Dr Ernesto Sirolli, they realised that any great business needed more than one or two key personnel.

They started to attract a team of experts keen to work with them to support their vision. Innovation Makers remains a friendly, family-run business, with big ambitions. Samantha’s original designs have been turned into reality with the help of the talented design team at D2M Innovation and their fantastic manufacturing partners. The business continues to work with the original team of people who share their passion for the Omnio Stroller.

Innovation Makers moved from around the kitchen table to an office in Ebbw Vale, South Wales, where they began working with local partners in the regeneration of the local economy. Whilst keeping many links with the Ebbw Vale community, Innovation Makers is currently located in Monmouth.

You can view Dr Ernesto Sirolli’s TED talk here

D2M recently produced this video which highlights their invaluable involvement in developing the Omnio Stroller concept into a manufactured product.

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