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The Omnio Stroller has been developed by a whole family of dedicated professionals, with Samantha and Markus Warwick sitting at the head of the table!

Markus has a background in senior operations management and customer service in large corporates and start-up businesses, in the UK and New Zealand. He has a passion for wheeled goods, normally ones he can drive; an interest he shares with their eldest son Joe. Samantha’s background is in teaching Product Design and she is the driving force behind the range of innovative products in the development pipeline. She is equally happy at home creating Lego models with their youngest son Ben. Together, Markus and Samantha spent five years in New Zealand where they established a successful chocolate fountain rental business, designed and built their own home and survived the earthquake!

They then moved to Wales where a family day out became the inspiration for Omnio. Markus and Samantha were inspired by their own experiences of parenthood to create the Omnio Stroller. Unable to find a stroller in the market place to suit families with active toddlers and pre-schoolers, they decided to innovate, design and manufacture their own unique stroller design. As a parent, you’re often faced with daily tasks that quickly turn into challenges as your child grows – walking, shopping or family holidays. One of those challenges is your stroller; its size, acceptability, portability and storability. Omnio Stroller removes the compromise from parenthood, enabling families to push on with active lifestyles.

Omnio Children

Omnio Children

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