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Dressing Your Toddler for Outdoor Adventure

Dressing Your Toddler for Outdoor Adventure

We believe that toddlers should be encouraged to be active, outdoors, and allowed to get muddy. So they are going to need the right gear. Getting wet is fun; getting cold isn’t. Make sure you’ve bought all the best kit to dress your toddler for outdoor adventures this winter, whether it’s a walk in the park or a week in the Alps.

Apart from during the first few weeks of potty training, when being able to undress in a hurry is the priority, an all-in-one Waterproof suit is essential and well worth the investment. A good quality one will allow your explorer to roll around in the puddles and mud, whilst keeping clothes dry and bodies warm. Some of our favourites include the fleece-lined one from Hippy Chickand the original all-in-one from Muddy Puddles (who also do brilliant skiwear for toddlers). If you are going skiing, get one specifically for snowy conditions. If it’s just for playing in the garden or park, then a waterproof layer is more sensible – with lots of layers underneath for colder days.

The next key piece of equipment is footwear. Wellies are great, and many parents find that once discovered, their toddlers don’t want to take them off! We like the range of fun patterned wellies available from JoJoMamanBebe or the Monster and character wellies at Mothercare.

It’s worth investing in some thicker, longer socks to wear with wellies. We’ve all had that horrid sock-not-staying-on-foot experience! It’s not comfortable is it? Try these cute fleecy boot socks from Joules or invest in some good ski socks like the ones from Snow and Rock.

For happy winter walks though, you can’t beat a pair of snow boots. Warm feet don’t have to be a luxury and there is a fantastic range at Go Outdoors.If you are taking your toddler on a ski holiday, decent snow boots are the single most important piece of equipment you need to buy. Top tip for Mummies – Mama Omnio bought a pair of Hi Tec Womens St Moritz snow boots for herself many years ago and hasn’t suffered any cold-feet days since.

The only thing worse than cold feet, has to be cold hands. But how do you keep gloves on little hands? We’ve tried every gadget on the planet, but the best solution is simply to use a long piece of ribbon. Attach the gloves or mittens to a piece of ribbon – cut the ribbon long enough to feed up one sleeve, across the inside back of the jacket and down the other sleeve. Leave about 10cm of excess to hang outside. Even when your toddler has discarded the gloves, they will remain attached to him or her, simply dangling from the sleeves! We’ve also heard great reports (but haven’t tried them) of the Snowstoppers gloves which have an extra-long cuff. They are available from WaterproofWorld.

On colder days, or for smaller babies and toddlers, getting the right base layer makes a huge difference. A Merino wool base layer is absolutely perfect and well worth the investment. There is a great selection of Merino wool products at Mama Owl. For older children too – a full set of thermals probably worth looking into, especially if you are planning on playing in snow. At this time of year there are sales on at many outdoor-clothing companies – try looking at North Face or Columbia for some really good quality clothing that will be robust enough for a whole winter of adventures.

Finally, don’t forget a hat – hoods don’t always keep little ears warm – and here you will be spoilt for choice! For example, there’s a massive range at John Lewis for boys and for girls and, as hats are often lost, you have that as an excuse to buy more than one.

Hope you enjoy your winter adventures in the fresh air – rain or shine, snow or sunshine. There’s no such thing as bad weather – just inappropriate clothing!

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